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Happiest People on Earth

After Finland, Norway and Iceland and Denmark, Netherlands is ranked 5th of happiest people in the world
according to a recent research of United Nations.

Multicultural and English Speaking

Netherlands has many nationalities from which the most speak English.

Structured and Organised

Friends and enemies agree on that whatever you may think of Netherlands, everything is structured, organised and regulated.

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Top 1000

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We assist you to find the right apartment near or at your work.


If you are from outside EU, we apply for your permit and visa to stay and work in The Netherlands.
Only thing you do is to provide your personal details and our organisation will take care of the paperwork.

What is my salary?

Your salary depends on your age and experience. It will be on the same level of your Dutch colleagues, sometimes even more.

Where do I stay?

Housing is like in all major cities hard to find. We will assist you with finding a place by introducing you to our known real estate brokers. Mostly people rent a short stay apartment or share with a colleague and look for a better place later and even buy property in the future. We have contact with financial advisors who can help you with this.

When can I start?

If all the paperwork is correct, it takes between 4 to 6 weeks before you get your visa.